Angels in Your Neighborhood?

Sliwa gets Key to CityThe Guardian Angels do not invade cities. They do not set up shop in a vacuum and expect everyone to take them or leave them.

The key to successfully solving community problems is to get as many members of that community involved and cooperating as possible.

Extreme importance rests in the support your neighborhood can build from all sides:

  • Local Government
  • Local Law Enforcement
  • Neighbors
  • Business Owners
  • Civic Groups

The good results are clear – in this photo, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa receives the Key to the City of New York from the mayor.

In Southern California, we have helped create our more well known patrols in places like Hollywood and Venice. At the same time, many smaller neighborhoods have requested help in establishing the Guardian Angels unique citizen Safety Patrols, and we have helped them as well.

Similarly, there are now programs running in various areas of Orange County, Riverside County, and we have just today been contacted by Santa Barbara. You CAN make a difference in your neighborhood, and you can have our support in making it happen. We have “been there and done that” in nearly twenty countries around the world.

We know what works – we know what doesn’t – and we can help it work for you in Southern California. All we need is for you to Contact Us and get started.

Outside our area, please Contact the New York City main office and someone will help you right away.

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