Knife Defense Seminar with Marc ‘Animal’ MacYoung

When:Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where: 171 Magnolia Blvd. Burbank CA 91502

5 Hours: 1pm – 6pm

Only $50  – PreRegister Now for this Price!

Knife Defense with Marc Animal MacYoungOkay incredibly short, crazy notice, but…

I’ll be teaching a 5 hour long “Surviving a Knife Attack” seminar Sunday August 12 in Burbank.

It starts at 1pm (that’s the earliest we could get the Aikido dojo) and goes until 6.

****Even if you’re not in L.A. throw a rock at someone you know who is and let them know****

Topics to be covered
A) how not to get killed or injured when assaulted by someone with a knife.

B) How knives are actually used in the streets and why most times there’s alternatives to stepping into a weedwhacker — despite what your martial arts training tells you.

(subtext of both A & B, how ‘common’ reactions are actually the stupidest thing to do and make his attack MORE effective)

C) Priorities in a lethal force situation

D) When it is legal and when it isn’t to use a knife in self-defense and why– when it is legal — it still sucks (Hint, it has something to do with the other person trying to kill you at the moment).

Price $50 for preregistration via PayPal (No Nonsense Self-Defense) $75 at the door

Questions contact me at

(The reason for this insane short notice is the wife of my 2nd oldest living friend informed me about an impromtu 50th party for him. I just gotta be there for mi hermano. Whudda thunk we’d live this long?)

For locals it’s across from the Burbank Water and Power

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  • John Prentice

    Just finished reading Marc’s book on knife fighting. His teachings have proved effective and useful to me, 10/10.

  • Gilbert Jones

    I would think the Guardian ANgels would be offering free self defense not making a profit off of self defense

    • Peter Steeves

      Funny enough, WE do offer free self defense training. This post was about a workshop by somebody else (a respected and well known figure in the self defense world). We make no profits at all, actually … but you are more than welcome to join us in our efforts (and training) to help the community. Would you like to be a part of our all-volunteer patrols?

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