Handcuffing Workshop [VIDEOS]

Citizens’ Arrests are certainly still rare, even among proactive groups like the Guardian Angels. Whenever something becomes particularly rare, it’s even more important to make sure we know how to do it properly if and when we need that skill.

Take a random skill category:

  • We’re all pretty good at tying our shoes, since we do it all the time.
  • However, I think most people would draw a blank pretty quickly if asked to show ten different knots.

Drawing that out further:

  • A lot of people practice martial arts, and defensive tactics – so they ‘re probably able to replicate those skills fairly readily.
    • However, I think most of those people would draw a blank pretty quickly if asked to show how to lead nearly ANY of those movements into a safe handcuffing position.

That’s entirely irrelevant for most people, of course.

That was the fun in this workshop: we trained with a “normal” group of martial arts students and showed them how to cross over their skills into unfamiliar (but certainly related) areas of application.

Standing handcuffing details:

And a longer look at some take-downs, recorded by the host martial arts academy:

What do you suggest?

Would you incorporate this training more regularly into a martial arts training group? If so, why or why not … and what suggestions do you have for making it work well?

  • Chieftain

    This is excellent!

  • Friend of Pete

    In the first video, you stopped automatically when told to turn around. Someone needed to tell you to stop when your back was to them.

    • http://petersteeves.me/ Peter Steeves

      Funny enough, I’ve never had that problem outside a classroom. It seems nobody has ever thought it smart to be cute and funny with me pointing a weapon at them.

      Note: I’ve never had anyone do that level of compliance on a patrol with the Angels, and that section was taught in the context of a weapon-motivated compliant subject.

      On Safety Patrol, we’ve never had that. They get cuffed because they’re fighting, and their habit of fighting carries over when we get our hands on them, too … so it’s “Arrest & Control” work for those folks.

  • Lani

    Great video. It captured everything we learned in the workshop.

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