Arson in Hollywood – Safety Tips

hollywood arson

What Are We Doing

Guardian Angels are working to raise awareness and help bring an end to the arson fires that have ravaged Hollywood for the last few days. We will be handing out informational handouts to people during the day, and helping affected neighborhoods through our Safety Patrols, trying to maintain enough presence to deter the arsonist from striking again.

What Can You Do

hollywood arson awareness information

  • Download the handout, print it out, and give share them with co-workers, family, and friends.
  • Join our efforts: help us with fliers, help us on patrol, or
  • Donate: We will spend nearly $200 to print and distribute safety information, and on transportation to and from our Safety Patrols


Your donation really makes a difference:
It costs an average of $75 to keep a Safety Patrol out for a day.






We can’t do this without your help. Please do what you can to continue our crime prevention efforts.

  • Peter Steeves via Facebook

    We will be handing out information for the next few afternoons, at 1:00 at Highland & Sunset.
    Then, patrols will go out at night to help keep Hollywood residents aware of their neighborhood, watching for signs of arson, and keeping vigilant.
    Can you be a part of that help effort? Please join us!

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