Can We Talk?

How About Our Radios?

Just this past week, a new patrol member was conscientious enough to bring along a couple of store-bought radios, hoping they’d be useful for patrol (and indeed, they were). I was able to use my own radio to communicate with the ones he brought, which added to the patrol’s effectiveness, and also reminded me that we all need to understand how these popular tools operate.

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Why’d You Punch Him? He Looked At Me Funny

Dangerous Demeanor Detection TrainingImagine telling a jury, “I hit him because he looked like he was about to attack me.”

At first, that seems like a pretty bad idea, and the beginning of your jail time. But what if you were right? Could you prove it?

Yes: you can prove it.

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First Aid Kit

Do you carry a first aid kit? Here’s what’s in mine when I’m on patrol, and I look forward to learning about what you carry.


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Knife Defense Seminar with Marc ‘Animal’ MacYoung

When:Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where: 171 Magnolia Blvd. Burbank CA 91502

5 Hours: 1pm – 6pm

Only $50  – PreRegister Now for this Price!

Knife Defense with Marc Animal MacYoungOkay incredibly short, crazy notice, but…

I’ll be teaching a 5 hour long “Surviving a Knife Attack” seminar Sunday August 12 in Burbank.

It starts at 1pm (that’s the earliest we could get the Aikido dojo) and goes until 6.

****Even if you’re not in L.A. throw a rock at someone you know who is and let them know****

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Learning Violence Dynamics

Today we have a post from Kasey Keckeisen, a Police Officer, SWAT team leader, SWAT training coordinator, martial artist, and a guy I hope to meet in the near future. He’s also friends with Rory Miller and Marc MacYoung, who have written for this blog in the past. Kasey writes such insightful posts for his own blog, that I asked him to write something for us here. Fortunately, he said yes – you will almost certainly enjoy what he has to say, and I hope you’ll leave some feedback, or ask some questions below, so Kasey can follow-up with an answer. Enjoy …

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The Psychology of Home Security

Home security is an illusion.

For some people, it’s the new gun locked in the gun safe that gives them the illusion of safety. For others, it is the knowledge that their home has lights set on timers while they are away on vacation. The reality is that those lights just illuminate the way, leading the bad guys to your valuables, and that gun isn’t going to protect you while it is responsibly locked up in a safe.

There are a million things we do each day that give us the false impression that we have protected our homes, and another million things we do each day that allow criminals to bypass our efforts.

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First Aid and Fighting – a Normal Night

paramedics to the rescueJust a few days after my most recent First Aid refresher, some of those skills got put to use … immediately followed by a different set of more aggressive physical skills … followed then by a reminder that our actions must always follow very particular laws. Here’s the quick look at how the night went down.

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Florida Neighborhood Watch vs Guardian Angels

Zimmerman and Trayvon in Neighborhood Watch ShootingThe Boston Herald this morning said, “George Zimmerman, the Neighborhood Watch volunteer who fired the shot that claimed the life of Trayvon Martin on a rainy night in Sanford, Fla., last month, has been painted as a racist, a vigilante and a murderer.”

As Guardian Angels, we are very proactive, with a hands-on crime deterrence action. How are we different from Zimmerman on Neighborhood Watch in Florida?

It’s important to know that our words, actions, gestures … anything we do is probably recorded somewhere these days. Traffic cameras, home surveillance systems, recorded phone calls (especially to emergency services like 911 in the United States) – every detail matters. And, everything really does get brought into question:

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April 21st San Juan Capistrano


CONTACT: Lani, 949-328-4220,

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Handcuffing Workshop [VIDEOS]

Citizens’ Arrests are certainly still rare, even among proactive groups like the Guardian Angels. Whenever something becomes particularly rare, it’s even more important to make sure we know how to do it properly if and when we need that skill.

Take a random skill category:

  • We’re all pretty good at tying our shoes, since we do it all the time.
  • However, I think most people would draw a blank pretty quickly if asked to show ten different knots.

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